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Made RESURS the #1 brand for engine care in his country.

Miguel Romero. Partner of VMPAUTO in Costa Rica since 2018

Here, in Lithuania, about 60 percent of cars are over 12 years old. Over the years, the VMPAUTO range of brake greases has helped to keep the brake systems of Lithuanian car owners in excellent condition, even when using non-original parts.

Sergej Zdybaj. Partner of VMPAUTO in Lithuania since 2011

According to Waze (navigation application), Guatemala is the second busiest country in Central America. For this reason, the wear on our engines is higher. This is why we use the RESURS remetalizer to slow down the wear experienced by cars after a large number of operating hours.

Eddie Rodas. Partner of VMPAUTO in Guatemala since 2017

Recently, we have faced a huge excitement for grinding pastes from VMPAUTO. The fact is that I don’t even know what
another analogue from other countries can surpass this particular line of grinding pastes in terms of efficiency. Grinds quickly and it is extremely affordable.

Vyacheslav Batrancea. Partner of VMPAUTO in Moldova since 2015

Currently, VMPAUTO products may be found in 40+ countries in 6 world parts:

Middle East

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