Private label production

We offer:

  1. A wide range of packaging and color solutions (sachets, tubes, cartridges, cans, buckets, etc.).
  2. Design options: lithographic or labels.
  3. MOQ – from 1,000 pcs.


  • Tuba
  • Cartridge
  • Can
  • Bucket
  • Drum and others


Flexible conditions for the private label manufacturing


Design development considering all wishes


7 days —an average time for production


FCA, CPT, DDP delivery*

*depends on the agreement and country

The advantages of our
private label manufacturing


We synthesize lubricants
according to our own recipes.
Products are subject to quality
control at all stages.


Packaging products in
containers of any capacity. Unique
packaging from 2g or in classic
tubes 200 ml tubes.


The products are used in
mechanical engineering, food
industry, mining, etc.

Case 1

Company Profile: Engines valve manufacturer, Germany
What do we supply: Grinding pastes (2 SKU)
Amount: 500 thousand pieces (2020)

Case 2

Company Profile: Spare parts manufacturer for cars, Spain
What do we supply: Special Caliper Greases (3 SKU)
Amount: 1.8 million pcs (2020)

Case 3

Company Profile: Automotive chemicals manufacturer, Republic of Korea
What do we supply: Oil additive, HTHS stabilizer
Amount: 100 thousand pieces (2020)

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