Enjoy your coffee with X-Food!

Jul 30, 2021
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Our grease X-Food for coffee machines maintenance is finally on sale!

Heat and frost resistant plastic grease with H1 food grade approval based on a viscous silicone oil and silicone thickener. It’s suitable for all types of coffee machines, from home and office to professional machines, as well as for coffee vending machines. The product is presented in two packages: 5 g and 30 g.

If you go on eBay, you’ll see similar greases from other companies. What are the advantages of our X-Food?

• Price. Our 5 g sachet will cost from $0.95, and the 30 g tube will cost from $4. Other manufacturers charge about $6 for a 10 g tube. The difference is easy to calculate: VMPAUTO grease will be almost three times cheaper.

• Convenient packaging. Extended spout allows easy and economical grease application on seals, guides, levers, drive shafts, wheel gears, and their axles. It makes the coffee machine easier to service, and the tube of 30 g will serve for a long time!

• X-Food is resistant to washing with water and compatible with most plastics, elastomers, and ceramic seals. That’s why it serves longer than other greases.

Enjoy your coffee with X-Food by VMPAUTO 🙂 Contact our managers to order the samples!

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Come to visit us at Automechanika!

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