New ECO products: fuel additives!

Nov 15, 2021
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Take care of nature with our new ECO line of catalyst and DPF cleaners!
No need of cutting out, just add it in fuel tank!

Designed to enhance the regeneration of the catalyst and particulate filter (DPF). DPFs and catalysts are clogged due to poor quality fuel and engine oil, urban traffic. A DPF equipped vehicle is programmed to regenerate DPF at 600 ° C. DPF cleaner, acting as a catalyst, reduces the cleaning start temperature to 400 ° C

Look! What a great result expecting you after our additive adding. Now your car can “breathe” like NEW one.

Very simple use: all you need is just fill it in fuel tank after refueling. That`s it! RESURS start working!

Check all the line of additives here and try it now

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