Testing the cold: freezing oils in the harshest region of the country

Jan 11, 2024
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There is such a breed of horses – “Yakut horse”, which endures up to -60C.
But the times of traveling on hoofed animals are long gone, and horses have been replaced by cars. But the frosts have not gone away.
Andrey Toskin, a Yakutian blogger-automechanic with many years of experience, conducted another test on freezing of motor oils.

To the results:

It is worth noting that Russian-made motor oils performed well in the low-temperature test. In particular, Lukoil finished third, showing excellent fluidity even at -40C. Rolf surprised and also turned out to be fast. Tatneft, Sintec and Gazpromneft are next. All the same, domestic manufacturers know firsthand what the Russian winter is.

Shell, the well-known European giant of the motor oil market, also keeps its mark. It retained fluidity and allowed the ball to reach the bottom of the test tube.

Korean and Japanese oils were unpleasantly surprised. Many representatives of Asia practically lost fluidity, and the well-known Japanese brand froze at all. Their safe use in the Siberian and northern regions of our country is called into question.

The winners of the test were domestically produced oils – VMPAVTO 3-SN formula. They thickened less in forty-degree Yakutian frost, and rightfully took the first and second place in the conditional standings.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with this as never before actual test of motor oils and take into account its results!

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