Track day with VMPAUTO oil

May 06, 2023
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Friends. Those who are subscribed to our blog already know that we have started the production of motor oil using our own additive package. They also know that before entering the market with a new product for us, we conducted a lot of both laboratory and bench tests. Thousands of kilometers of run appeared on the odometers of cars in which our oil was filled for life tests. We even tested the strength of the oil on a sports car. True, it was winter then, and our Seat Leon Supercopa did not wind circles around the ring, but spun the drums on a dyno.

Power measurements on a dyno.

At the same time, we noted that the performance of the car’s engine did not change in comparison with the commercial oil on which the car was previously used. As a result, it was decided to continue to operate the car only on our oil.

Oil only in barrels for now. I had to pour it into a regular canister.

It’s time to test the oil in combat conditions. And although a track day is, of course, not quite a race, the load on the engine, and therefore on the oil, is no less.

Average speed per lap is 131 km/h.

However, for the sake of objectivity, we nevertheless decided to compare our oil with the one the team used before, and the first sessions were held on Ravenol VMP 5W-30. After a series of races, of course, oil samples were taken. In addition, it was evaluated how well the oil holds pressure.

Oil pressure at idle after session is 1.3 bar. Ravenol Oil

Further, the oil was changed to VMPAUTO 5W-40 oil. As a result, according to the results of the sessions on our oil, the car showed the best time. As for the pressure, it has not changed in comparison with Ravenol oil.

Oil pressure at idle after session is 1.3 bar. VMPAUTO oil.

This can be explained by close parameters in terms of kinematic viscosity. Ravenol oil is made closer to the upper limit of viscosity within 5w-30, and its viscosity is 11.7 mm2 / s. Our oil is made closer to the lower limit of 5W-40 and is 13.6 mm2 / s.

Good result. Worthy opponents.

On this track day at Igora Drive, our Seat Leon driven by Andrey Averkin showed the best time. And we are sure that this result is partly the merit of our oil. By the way our oil is already on sale, and you can do the same

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