Trademark for promotion are registered in Mexico

Jul 05, 2017
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Mexico, though far from us, but it does not prevent us from helping Mexican motorists to reduce the concentration of exhaust gases with the help of RESURS. The fact is that in Mexico the main problem is smog, which causes severe illnesses. Therefore, every year, all cars must undergo a procedure for measuring the concentration of exhaust gas to obtain a permit for movement. RESURS reduces the exhaust gas concentration to 54.16%.

In case if the concentration of exhaust gas is too high, the operation of the car is illegal.

Another thing in Mexico – it is difficult to find a person who would not like the football. And we have several tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Cup (held in Russia), which we decided to play in Mexico. At the moment, the action «RESURS Te lleva al Mundial Rusia 2018» has been launched, the main symbol of which, of course, was a bear, a soccer ball and RESURS. The trademark was registered in the state register of trademarks and service marks of the Russian Federation and is protected.

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