Code: 8302

It is necessary when the oil does not do its job – the oil film is not able to prevent contact between the surfaces.

Why to use?
1. With boundary and mixed friction: engine start and sporty driving style, traffic jams and long idling
2. Forms a protective layer at the micro level, preventing parts from coming into contact
3. Works even when the additives contained in the oil are used up
4. Reduces friction and temperature


Packing: 85 ml

Code: 8302

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iMagnet P14 protects the car engine by restoring the protective properties of engine oil. Its basis is a component that restores exactly the HTHS-viscosity index (a parameter that determines the strength of the oil film at high temperature and high friction speed). It is important that Resurs Super does not thicken the oil and does not impair its pumpability, thereby maintaining its energy-saving and heat-removing properties. The protective properties of the oil are also extended by restoring antiwear and extreme pressure properties in it by increasing the concentration of ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) and MoDTP (molybdenum dithiophosphate) additives. And the polymer which is a part of iMagnet P14 provides a layer with the lowered coefficient of friction on surfaces.


The additive is compatible with all motor oils, does not contain any particles and is used in the industrial production of oils.

You can add iMagnet P14 to engine oil at any mileage, whether it is fresh oil or has already worked out part of the allotted time. The volume of one bottle is designed for an oil volume of 4-5 liters.



* Reduces wear of engine parts up to 40%

* Facilitates cold start of the engine

* Reduces fuel consumption by 8-10%

* Cleans the internal surfaces of the engine

* Does not conflict with oil additives

* Does not contain solid particles – does not settle in the filter




1 bottle for 3-5 liters of engine oil. Suitable for diesel and petrol engines.

The composition is safe for turbines and gas distribution systems. Recommended for use in the middle service interval to maintain optimal engine oil properties. Valid until the next oil change.

In 2016-2017 at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Peter the Great at the Department of “Engineering of power plants and vehicles” under the guidance of Professor Shabanov A.Yu. motor oils were tested with the addition of iMagnet P14 HTHS viscosity stabilizer.

Brief results of the tests (excerpt from the technical report):

The use of iMagnet P14 engine oil additive leads to a significant improvement in the technical, economic and resource indicators of automotive gasoline engines, expressed in:

– power growth (up to 2…3%);

– reduction of specific fuel consumption (on average by 5…8%);

– a significant decrease in wear rates (up to 15 … 40% depending on the type of friction unit);

– an increase in the viscosity index of the oil and the conditional temperature of the crankshaft cranking. This means that the use of the additive will not affect the starting characteristics of the engine at low temperatures;

– reduction of engine pollution;

– no conflict with standard additives of the tested oil.

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