Engine treatment RESURS Diesel (remetalizer)

Engine treatment RESURS Diesel (remetalizer)

Engine oil additive

Specialized oil additive for diesel engines in a big package to fit the engine capacity of big trucks, boats, generators, etc.


  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Reduces the oil burning
  • Improves compression
  • Creates the porous structure on the friction zones to keep the oil
  • Reduces the concentrate of CO

For maximum effect use the composition with each oil change.

Packaging options:
150 g
Code: 4401
350 g
Code: 4402
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Prolongs the engine lifetime, reduces noise and vibration

Main active ingredient – nanopowder of cuprum, tin and silver compound gets into friction zone and creates metalplating layer on the surface of the components. He is able to smooth all metal surface defects, to improve the performance and to significantly increase a lifetime of the engine.

Eliminates oil burn and smoke

Restore the weared parts and postpone the expensive repair.

Increases engine power

Engine restorer RESURS creates protecting film allowing to reduce friction losses. The effect of reducing the frictional force is comparable by effectivenes to the chip-tuning of a car.

  1. It’s better to change the engine oil and filter.
  2. Warm up the engine and turn it off;
  3. Shake the bottle for 20-30 sec;
  4. Pour RESURS into the engine oil system;
  5. Run engine at idle for 10-15 min;

1 bottle 150 ml – wear prevention ( 20-25l oil)
1 bottle 350 ml – surface restoration (20-25l oil)

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