Fuel additive Water Remover (gasoline)


Fuel additive Water Remover (gasoline)

Code: 9510

Helps to remove condensation from the fuel tank, preventing the formation of corrosion and ice plugs in the fuel channels and filters. Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers. For adding directly to the fuel tank.

Compatible with all types of diesel fuel.

Maintains and protects the entire fuel system from wear, deposits and corrosion. Improves engine running and prevents performance decrease. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.


Packing: 150 ml

Code: 9510

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Resurs Water Remover contains special additives designed to safely and effectively remove moisture from gasoline fuel. When added to the fuel tank, Water Remover absorbs the water and prevents it from freezing, while also delivering a proven inhibitor that prevents rust. The encapsulated moisture is burned during combustion inside the engine. Since rust can occur in any climate or season, year-round protection is crucial.

Removes water from fuel systems

Removes water from fuel systems

Safe for all gasoline engines, 4-cycle engines, and fuel-injected engines. Ideal for use in cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and lawnmowers.


  • Removes water from fuel systems
  • Stops gas line freeze
  • Safe for fuel injectors
  • For year-round use
  • Safe for oxygen sensors & catalytic converters


Add into the fuel tank before refueling. It is recommended to use in the off-season.

Dosage: 1 bottle per 50 liters of fuel.

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