Additive Easy MIX HV (for oil and grease production)

Additive Easy MIX HV (for oil and grease production)

High-viscocity oil for producting plastic grease from basic oil.

Prepared component for producing high-viscosity greases for high-loaded low-speed units.

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  • Easy and flexible application
  • The compound EasyMix HV is exclusively developed for your needs
  • Greases produced with the EasyMix Technology increase the maintenance interval and the resource of your high-loaded mechanisms
  • Polymer HV is ready to use
  • Polymer doesn’t wrack in the friction knot


  • Metallurgy:
    – low ash lubricants;
    – nodes with high working temperature
  • Road construction equipment:
    – open/close reductors;
    – bitumen pumps
  • Mining:
    – open gears;
    – nodes with high welding load and adhesion

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