Engine oil additive RESURS Total

Engine oil additive RESURS Total

Engine oil additive RESURS Total

Removed the carbon? Add the metal!

For engine recovery and wear protection of gasoline engines. Use the composition with each oil change for maximum effect.

Engine oil additive

For passenger cars (3-5 liters of oil) with all types of engine and slight engine wear

Indications for use:

  1. oil burn
  2. increased fuel consumption
  3. engine noise
  4. reduction in compression

Packing: 50 g

Code: 4301

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How RESURS works?

The RESURS nanoparticles fill the exposed wear traces after any engine cleaning method (hydrogen cleaning, decarbonization, flushing).

RESURS technology is approved by the Polytechnic University of St. Petersburg (Russia)

US 7, 375, 060 B2


RU 2247768

Resurs helps pass the MOT

Verificación is a special inspection in Mexico City. In the capital of Mexico, smog is the main problem. Therefore, every year all cars undergo a procedure for measuring the concentration of exhaust gases in order to obtain a driving permit. RESOURCE helps to pass Verificación!

RESURS reduces pollution up to 10 times!

just in 150 km

RESURS eliminates oil burning which is the main problem of old engines.

During vehicle verification in Mexico, RESURS reduced the emission of polluting gas by 10 times.

Prolongs the engine lifetime, reduces noise and vibration

Engine Restorer RESURS consists of nanoparticles of the alloy of copper, tin, and silver, is poured into the engine oil system. RESURS doesn’t change the properties of motor oil, only uses it as a mean of delivery in most areas of friction and wear. The particles activate in areas of friction under high temperature and pressure and fill micro damages the metal surface of the engine.


  1. Change oil and filter (preferably);
  2. Warm up the engine to operating temperature and turn it off;
  3. Shake the bottle vigorously for 20-30 seconds;
  4. Pour the contents of the bottle into the oil filler neck;
  5. Let the engine run at idle speed for 10-15 minutes

Dosage – a bottle of 50 ml. for 3-4l engine oil

With a dosage of more than 2 bottles, pour the solution at short intervals (50-100 km).

In case of very serious engine problems, the RESURS effect is not guaranteed.

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