Grease stick “COPPER”

Grease stick “COPPER”

Grease stick “COPPER”

  1. Facilitates subsequent disassembly of joints and connections exposed to high temperatures
  2. Protects threads, slip fits, and other tight joints.
  3. Also suitable for exhaust manifold gaskets and studs

Packing: 15g

Code: 1915

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  1. “Targeted” application without splashing;
  2.  Prevents “jamming” of parts;
  3. Works at high and low temperatures;
  4. Resistant to water washout;
  5. Reduces damage to threaded connections when tightened.

After intensive heating with a torch, the threaded connection, lubricated with a copper grease stick, the metal surface did not turn black and the possibility of further use was preserved.

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