Engine flush RESURS RAPID

Engine flush RESURS RAPID

Code: 5101

Engine Flush RESURS RAPID  contains special AktivSubs components that adapt one type of oil to another.

These highly effective detergent and dispersant additives in association with the carrier fluid have been tested in the laboratory and in practical field trials for their ability to dissolve oil deposits on the internal surfaces of the engine.

An engine that has been cleaned of deposits and contamination and which is then filled with fresh oil not contaminated with old impurities can develop its full performance characteristics.


For deep cleaning of the engine oil system.


Packing: 190 ml

Code: 5101

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How it works

Every driver knows that oil change without oil system flushing results in worsening of oil detergent and protective properties and quick lifetime reduction.

Adaptive Engine Flush RESURS is used for:

  • internal oil system cleaning
  • oil deposits removing
  • preseving engine characteristics


  • Extended periods between oil changes
  • Cleans engine surfaces from mud and oil deposits
  • Adapts one type of engine oil to another (when changing oil from mineral to synthetic or vice versa)
  • Contains special AktivSubs components which adapt one type of oil to another.
  • Adaptive Engine Flush RESURS is recommended for gasoline, LPG and diesel engines

How to use

  1. Use before oil change
  2. Warm up and stop the engine
  3. Pour the content into the engine oil system
  4. Idle the engine for 5 min
  5. Change oil and oil filter


Don’t drive a vehicle with the cleaner inside!

Use a remetalizer RESURS for your type of engine to protect it.


190ml  for 3-5 l of oil

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