Grease stick “Aluminum”


Grease stick “Aluminum”

Code: 8041

Grease stick filled with fine aluminum, designed specifically for aluminum parts, operating temperature range from minus 40 to plus 600 ºС.


Packing: 13 g

Code: 8041

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Grease-stick”Aluminum” is designed for use on aluminum parts, reduces damage to threaded connections during tightening, does not cause electrochemical corrosion in the absence of other metals. Non-stick aluminum grease in a convenient stick form for servicing aluminum assemblies and joints

  • convenient local application;
  • prevention of “sticking” of surfaces;
  • facilitating subsequent disassembly of units and connections;
  • high resistance to washing off with water;
  • absence of galvanic corrosion on treated surfaces.

Designed specifically for aluminum parts, it prevents jammed threads, slip fits and other tight fittings. Allows you to develop more tightening force at the same torque in comparison with non-lubricated fasteners.

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