Decreased engine power: reasons and solutions

Apr 06, 2021
2 min read

As a rule, problems with decreased engine power arise suddenly. Yesterday the car confidently accelerated and easily climbed the steepest hills, and today it is difficult to cope even with small loads. We will list several reasons for the loss of engine power and tell you how to prevent it!

Engine contamination

Washing away deposits and varnish improves the thermal balance of the engine, which is the basis of its effectiveness and durability. 

VMPAUTO advice: you can make your engine clean with RESURS Decarboil. This cleaning technology is based on the deep engine decarbonization and internal “detailing”.

Decreased compression

This problem may occur in all or some cylinders. Causes may include probable valve damage or wear, piston rings failure or piston rings lodging.

VMPAUTO advice: use RESURS Total and increase your compression by up to 40%.

Wear of engine parts

Obviously, if the engine has worn pistons, piston rings, cylinders, gaskets or other parts, you can’t expect it to work properly.

VMPAUTO advice: using RESURS Total, you can also reduce engine wear by up to 4 times. RESURS nanoparticles activate in areas of friction under high temperature and pressure and fill micro damages in the metal surface of the engine.

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