Types of engine flushes

Mar 31, 2021
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Is it necessary to flush the engine oil system? Some people think that an engine flushing is necessary before every oil change, others are sure that the oil system should be flushed only in the most urgent cases. We decided to tell you about different types of engine flushes and explain when you should use them!

Soft cleaning

Acts gradually to remove deposits without allowing coarse particles to flush out and get into channels, filters and units with small gaps.

This type implies using flushing fluid with less aggressive composition, that’s why it’s called “soft”. Soft flushing is designed to cope with minor engine contamination. As a rule, it is recommended to drive not more than 200 km with a soft flushing fluid. Then the fluid should be completely replaced with a normal quality oil.

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Express cleaning

Ideal when changing the oil in the engine. Cleans the hard-to-remove sludge and deposits inside the engine with maximal effect.

It is worth using for worn-out engines which “eat” a lot of oil and have a lot of deposits on the walls. It is highly discouraged to operate the vehicle while the flush is in the system.

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Hard cleaning

Usually engine flushes are designed to keep the engine clean, not to fight against heavy contamination. But if problems have already appeared in the form of oil burn, only strong remedies can help.

We introduce a product that could be equal in strength to decarbonizer but used as an engine flush, high-performance cleaner and safe at the same time. Its main purpose is the decarbonization of oil scraper rings.

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