14/12/23. Launching a new motor oil production facility

Nov 29, 2023
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Friends. We are glad to share the news with you. We are launching a new motor oil production shop. Exactly one year ago we erected a modern building in place of the old warehouse hangar. Another year we filled it with various equipment and carried out commissioning works. And now we are proud to announce that the new shop is ready to work.

We have already conducted a test cooking of motor oil in it, and according to the results of analysis by an independent laboratory, it fully complies with the stated tolerances. This was made possible thanks to a high degree of automation and multi-level quality control: incoming raw materials, precise dosing system, semi-product and finished product.

14/12/2023 2 PM GMT +3 our YouTube channel will broadcast the grand opening online.

We invite you to watch this event and see how serious we are about producing oils. In the meantime, a few numbers and facts:

Total workshop area: 700 м².
Reactor volume for additive package 2 м³.
Finishing reactor volume: 10 м³.
Base oil tank capacity: 35 м³. (4 pcs)
Packing line length: 16 metros.
Total length of stainless steel pipelines: 642 m.
Total length of pneumatic tubes: 5000 м.
All software of automation systems is developed by our company specialists.
Total length of electrical cables: 8000 м.
Packing 4 liter canisters per hour: 1000.
Volume of motor oil production per month: 1000 t.
Maintenance personnel – 5 people: 2 production operators, 3 packaging line operators.

All oil production equipment is designed by the company’s specialists and manufactured at specialized enterprises.

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You suggested – we listened!

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