Modern Technologies at the Guardian of Ecology: Experience of Kyrgyzstan

Dec 04, 2023
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Today we will tell you about sunny Kyrgyzstan and how we help to save clean air in Bishkek. Modern technologies of non-disassembly cleaning and engine restoration allow us to reduce exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. And thus keep the air clean and people healthy!

For those who do not know, Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country, formerly part of the USSR, but now it is an independent state. The photo shows the capital Bishkek. By the way, the photo was taken by our friend-blogger Nikolay Gladkov, who pours VMPAUTO oil into his car.

What kind of car culture in Kyrgyzstan?

The Kyrgyz car fleet is much older than the Russian (and even more so than the European) one. In Kyrgyzstan, a 25-30 year old car is the order of the day. The age of cars in the capital is about 8-15 years.

As our partners in Kyrgyzstan point out, there are a lot of used vehicles imported from the U.S., and if we take them out of the statistics, the average age of cars in the country will be 20-25 years.

At the same time, the culture of car care is not well developed. They pour the cheapest oil, the pads are not changed until they wear out, and good lubricants are out of the question – most people use lithol everywhere. And smoking cars on the streets are a common sight.

Eyewitness testimony from the forum: “I was driving along a street in Bishkek, and a truck was speeding along the oncoming lane. No, I don’t hit the brake or make a sudden change of direction! I quickly closed the windows of the car so that the thick smoke from the exhaust pipe of the truck did not fill the interior of the car”.

What’s up with the environment?

Ecology is a rather acute issue for the residents of Bishkek. The city is located in a bowl surrounded by mountains. Because of this, air circulation is insufficient.

Now let’s think of the old cars with smoking engines that fill the city. What do you get? In the fall and winter, such smog descends on the city that there is simply nothing to breathe.

This is what the city looks like from November through March. There is nothing to breathe, and old cars add to the problems with exhaust fumes

VMPAUTO has been involved in environmental protection for many years. Our products help to fight one of the most important sources of air pollution – car exhaust fumes.

Having been to Bishkek, we realized that motorists lack knowledge about engine decarbonization. And we decided to fill these gaps. That is why we decided to open the first Decarbonization Station in Bishkek.

This is what our first branded Oil Change Point looks like, located in Bishkek on Lenin Avenue, 276

Engine decarbonization through the oil system helps to eliminate oil burn and thus significantly reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Also, for completely destroyed and, to put it bluntly, almost hopeless cars, VMPAUTO offers engine cleaning using the Last Chance technology.

In this technology, oil is used as a vehicle for Oil Decarbonization. As it mixes with the oil, it penetrates wherever it can and thus cleans the oil system and engine parts from the inside out. And since the oil is in active contact with oil rings and drainage channels in the piston, RESURS Decarbonizationis just as effective in dissolving lacquer deposits and soot from them. Thus, the oil rings are freed from deposits and oil burning is stopped.

Try to compare the effectiveness of RESURS Oil Decarbonization yourself – take a cotton swab soaked in the product and wipe the contaminated part

For cleaning heavily contaminated engines, we recommend the following approach. At first, a single dosage should be applied. This is one bottle per 4-5 liters of oil system volume. When the main part of deposits will be removed, you can apply a double dosage. We are sure that you will be greatly surprised at what you see when you drain the oil after 20 minutes of work. The oil system should be flushed in this way until the oil is clean.

Look how the sludge changed after using Oil Descarbonization RESURS. Only by the third flushing the engine was free of deposits. On the right is clean oil.

How to prolong the effect of decarbonization?

Now you have cleaned your engine, but how to keep the effect of this procedure for a long time? After replacing the oil with new oil, add RESURS Remetallizant. Resurs nanoparticles made of an alloy of copper, silver and tin fill in wear marks, returning the engine to its original performance. Oil consumption is reduced and compression is equalized. The effect of the product starts after 150 km.

The combined use of Oil Descarbonization and Resurs remetallizant extends engine life by up to 50% with regular use. In this way, air purity and the health of citizens are preserved.

Products in synergy give the best effect!

About 700 cars were serviced in Bishkek using this technology Oil Decarbonization+ Resurs for 4 months of work of the branded point of VMPAUTO. The overall effect on the environment is obvious!

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