Partners meeting-2021!

Sep 15, 2021
2 min read

Last week we had our long-awaited partners meeting. We were happy to finally see our friends from Guatemala, Lithuania and Kyrgyzstan again!

It all started with an interactive factory excursion. There our guests could not only see where and how our products are made, but even participate in it themselves! We showed live tests, shot videos, and even made a big conference to share our experience. The exchange of experience showed how much we have in common and most importantly, that there is still something to learn from each other.

The secret of success is not only in negotiations, but also in unity. So in addition to business meetings we held the first in the VMPAUTO history football tournament among employees and partners, watched bridge drawings, walked around the city and had fun 🙂

Looking forward to see you in Saint Petersburg again ❤️

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