Grease sticks: try them all!

Sep 24, 2021
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We’ve told you about these great new products many times before. Grease sticks are already available to order! What are their special features and how do they differ from the usual greases formats?

1. Сeramic grease stick

It is intended for mounting of brake disc fitting surfaces, as well as joints exposed to high temperatures, glow plugs, gaskets and studs of exhaust manifold and exhaust system. Grease prevents “sticking” of fitting surf0aces, seizing of threaded joints.

It’s also a great choice for spark plugs!

2. Graphite grease stick

Is perfect for:

– application on slideways: door stoppers, hatch guides, etc;

– threaded and spline connections;

– friction pairs subjected to high loads.

It’s a real catch for stoppers. The squeaking disappears instantly!

3. Copper grease stick

Facilitates subsequent disassembly of assemblies and joints exposed to high temperatures. Protects threads, sliding seals and other tight-fitting joints. Also suitable for exhaust manifold gaskets and studs.

Those very studs:

Try them all!

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