Refacturing of aerosol silicone grease «SILICOT SPRAY»

Jan 19, 2017
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Silicone greases products line now includes aerosols SILICOT SPRAY:

– Universal aerosol grease. It allows to effictively lubricate the friction surfaces wherever where it’s needed. Protects metal parts from oxided and rust.

  • For locks and hinges.. Aerosol for quick lubrication locks of any types. Has a good penetrating ability, perfectly lubricates parts, protects parts against corrosion.
  • Dielectric. Has a good penetrating ability and allow to increase the reliability of electric parts. Aerol is neutral to plastic and rubber wire braids. Has a wate-reppellent properties and protects from a chemical corrosion.
  • For rubber sealers.. Prevents freezing, drying, scratches and discoloration of rubber, makes it shine and protects against aggressive influence of negative environmental factors.

Volume 150 ml.


With spray-tube for more accurate application.
Ready for orders.

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