The most compact engine treatment in the World!

Oct 27, 2021
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Compact concentrate RESURS Next

Engine restoration technology without overhaul.

RESURS Next Concentrate is an engine treatment, the action of which is based on the process of remetalization of worn surfaces. We have consolidated the composition in a small sachet – no other manufacturer does this. Thanks to this, the product has become more affordable and at the same time, the effectiveness is the same as a bottle of Resurs Next or two Resurs Total.


The original packaging in the form of a sachet allowed saving on the purchase of bottles and boxes and making an incredibly affordable price. 3 times cheaper than one bottle of a ready-made additive.
  • Light weight (only 17 g) – Resurs is concentrated in a small sachet, the active ingredients of which are mixed with the engine before adding to engine. Just imagine, you can send a product to customers by regular mail and deliver it to a mailbox. Or it can be added in different magazines and distributing by subscription.  Just imagine one truck can fit 10 times more product than usual. It is incredible!
  •  Effectiveness – the concentrated remetalizer has the same effectiveness as the additives in the usual bottles. All the same advantages – it reduces oil burn up to 3 times, restores the correct compression, protects against wear. And the result can already be assessed within 150 km after the application of the product.
  • Possibility of customization – we give the opportunity to choose not only the weight of the product, but also the design of the package: size, color and sachet shape. Do you want a product with your company logo? No problem! Want a product in the colors of the country’s flag? Let’s do it.

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