Best engine cleaner Testing challenge

Oct 12, 2021
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Hello guys! Today we are going to test three worldwide popular engine flushes versus RESURS decarboil.

So watch the videos below and see how RESURS works. Then try to beat RESURS result with your videotest and tag us @vmpauto_world on Instagram.

Liqui Moly Motorspülung

BG Engine Perfomance

RESURS Decarboil

Castrol Engine Shampoo


As you can see our three opponents don`t work at all, while RESURS Decorbonization proved that it copes with problem quickly and efficiently!

So why RESURS wins this battle?

Only decarboil can dissolve sludge on the rings, significantly reducing oil shortage. The composition is much more active than any express sludge or soft flush.

Try RESURS now!

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