A new approach to fighting corrosion in a new product

Mar 14, 2019
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How do you store tools and metal parts? Those who have garages may keep tools there, others keep most demanded equipment in a car trunk, and some store it at home. Each may face problems such as metal rusting and mobility loss due to the long storage in not appropriate conditions.

Here is an interesting case about how to store equipment easily and safe from moisture and rusting

Before the master grease “Valera” appearance, there was no efficient way to keep save new expensive spare parts in heat and high humidity conditions. So mechanics from the biggest bus depot company “Primero” in Lagos, Nigeria, had to cover expensive automotive parts with thick layer of lithium grease.

Nonetheless, bearings became bound and crankshafts corroded very quickly even before usage. And this is a bus fleet of 800 units. Permanent heat and high humidity creates perfect conditions for metal corrosion.

To revive bearings they had to be cleaned up with expedient means. The most expensive parts they pour to lithium grease for storage and then spended half of a day for their depreservation before the adjustment.

Cheapest lithium grease used to conservate a crankshaft.

We advised to use master grease “Valera”.

Application of Valera in bearings:

10 minutes after the application rust converted to a lubricating black layer and bearings started to run.

Rust in the bearings:

An interesting case, isn’t it?

Master grease “Valera” prevents corrosion and converts rust to lubricating protective film to protect metal parts and tools!

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