Hypoglycemia of oil

Jan 25, 2018
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When blood sugar level reduces below normal parameters – person faints, when blood sugar level increases a lot- very serious disease- diabetes mellitus can appear.  It is needed to inject insulin from time to time to keep normal blood glucose level.  Exactly from time to time! It is impossible to inject a lot of insulin at 1 time – can damage health.

Your car, engine, motor oil – difficult system where all elements are consumed because suffer from wear and tear.  So, during  production oil is supplied with additives that provide effective properties and protect engine. But oil additives continuously wear out. It means that at the beginning concentration of oil additives are excessive and at the end – low. Optimal value reached only at the middle of run- from 2 to 4 thousand kilometers.  Seems like not very important thing but only for those who don’t care about an operational life of an engine.

So how we can increase the period of maximum protection? It is easy, not needed to add everything at the same time. Do not believe? Just try to satisfy your appetite for 2, 3 months forward and you will know. Thinks that for an engine it is easier?

What can be easier than supply oil additives whenever they worn out?

If periodically supply oil with additives it is possible to reach engine work in optimum diapason of protection against wear and tear for 100% of engine work time.

Of course, so radical but helpful change in concept can be acceptable only to leaders of the market. It is important that                
authoritative producer fix some small bottles for replacement of additives to oil canister.

Engine operational life can be significantly extended if create optimal conditions.

Of course not all additives can be acceptable for so delicate job. To be sure, the most oil additives that you can find on shops shelves are not so perfect. It would be ideal if oil producer can supply canister with additives for restoration of oil properties.  Especially long life oils requires that.

Periodic addition of additives provides  increase on engine and oil operational life, supply  engine with additional power and you with happiness.

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