Creating motor oil
Despite the fact that VMPAUTO has existed for 26 years, we mainly produce lubricants, oil additives and manage to occupy a visible market share. However, in connection with recent events, the issue of motor oils has become particularly serious.
We started receiving requests for the creation of an additive package from motor oil manufacturers.
About 90% of the global additives market is owned by 4 companies (US/UK): Lubrizol, Infineum, Chevron Oronite and Afton Chemical. And this means that most oil manufacturers use an additive package from the same companies.

Now that there are supply disruptions from these manufacturers, what is the market to do?

We put this question to our R&D team and decided to develop our own additive package and, in the future, engine oil.
Production and development phases
Our own additive
We are now focused on developing our own additive package. And to test it, it was necessary to create a prototype oil.
Can prototype
We printed the first prototype can of motor oil!
With the help of a 3D printer, we were able to assess the appearance, dimensions and convenience of the future can.
Testing the oil on a test
Oil bench tests are carried out on a car engine. Before testing, the engine is disassembled.
To be continued
Samples ready for testing
We send the 5w30 motor oil samples for testing in Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University
Conclusion of an independent laboratory.
We received an analytical report from the Northwest Experience Center Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory, which studied all components of our 5w30-test oil.