First engine decarbonizing kit

Nov 24, 2020
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VMPAUTO presents a whole decarbonizing kit for engines. This kit contains three innovative products for a deep and efficient cleaning: Foam Carbon Cleaner, Engine Flush Decarboil RESURS, and RESURS Next Concentrated.

Engine Decarbonizing Kit for 2.5l Engines

What results will you have after using our kit?

All three products improve the engine properties and condition of the car using the principles – decarbonization above, decarbonization below and engine restoration. All these phases result in:

  • Power and dynamics increase
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Reduce carbon deposits
  • Increased engine reliability

Cleaning from the top of the engine

In the engine’s upper part, RESURS decarbonizing foam dissolves and removes deposits on the valves, in the intake manifold, on the upper part of the piston, and compression rings.

Cleaning from the bottom

Engine Flush Decarboil Resurs is designed to clean the oil system of gasoline and diesel engines from low-and high-temperature carbon deposits: varnish, carbon deposits, sludge. The product dissolves difficult-to-dissolve substances in oil, eliminating the possibility of blockage of oil drainage channels and damage by abrasive particles. It is effective for deep cleaning of oil drainage channels, oil rings, cleaning of hydraulic and other components of the engine without disassembling. 

Protect and restore

After decarbonization, it is time to think about the future of the engine. How to care for it to serve more time? Just apply RESURS® NEXT.

The action of RESURS metallizer is based on the restoring process with nanoparticles of silver, tin, and copper alloy. Metal nanoparticles align the surface structure of the parts, bringing the parameters of the engine to the factory. Reduces oil burn, noise, vibration. The particles are small and are not tapping the filter.

Take care of the engine with innovate RESURS produtcs.

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