Top 3 diseases of the brake system

Feb 02, 2021
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A car’s brake system is like a working team. If one employer gets sick, the whole structure will be less effective. Look at the top 3 most popular diseases of the brake system:

1. Brake pads wear

Symptoms: noise; the car veers sideways

If you change the pads without preventive maintenance, they will become less mobile each time. The grease will age and lose plasticity, dirt will get under the dust shields and corrosion will occur. This leads to uneven wear and misalignment of the pads.

2. Piston corrosion and caliper jamming

Symptoms: longer braking distance; the car veers sideways when braking

This disease can occur when the water gets on the caliper through a torn dust shield, for example, if the car has been parked in a garage or outdoors for a long time. Caliper jamming causes accelerated rubber wear, wheel hub overheating and wheel hub bearing failure. Braking system efficiency is reduced.

3. Brake discs deformation

Symptoms: wheel vibration, longer braking distance

Cast iron brake discs are the most susceptible to deformation due to their intolerance to the temperature changes. Therefore, it is better to bypass deep puddles if the discs are overheated.

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