Where does the oil go?

Feb 08, 2021
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Statistically, 80% of engine oil burning is due to engine wear. So if you’re topping the engine with more than 250g of oil every 1000km, you’ve probably got this problem. What leads to oil burning?

  • worn piston rings

Piston rings keep the cylinder tight and regulate the amount of oil. If there is not enough oil between the piston and the cylinder walls, the piston overheats and if there is too much, the oil gets into the combustion chamber.

  • cylinder walls wear

This damage results due to exposure to high temperatures and combustion products. The shape of the cylinders deforms and a gap between the cylinder and piston occurs. That’s why the oil also enters the combustion chamber.

  • crankshaft bearings wear

Occurs due to high engine mileage or incorrect engine oil. The bearings are overloaded, allowing oil to be sucked into the combustion chamber.

RESURS Next oil additive can solve all these problems. It’s based on the metal-plating technology, the process of worn engine surfaces restoration by nanoparticles of silver, tin and copper. RESURS Next restores up to 66% of worn bearings surfaces, up to 28% of worn piston rings and up to 48% of worn cylinder walls.

Thanks to this product engine wear is reduced by to 4 times from the first seconds of application. Protect your engine and stop overpay for engine oil!

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