Why does the car drive sideways?

Feb 16, 2021
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This trouble can be caused by numerous reasons. Most of them are related with the brake system. Check the following problems:

– cylinder failure

When this problem occurs on the front wheel, the car literally drifts after pressing the brake. If the car drives to the left, it means that the right cylinder is defective, and vice versa. When the back axle brake cylinder fails, the car doesn’t drive sideways so noticeably. The defective part is easiest to find by leakage of brake fluid.

– piston jamming

If your vehicle has high mileage and worn calipers, cylinder piston may jam and clamp the pads. In this case the wheel on the defective side brakes and the car drives in the same direction.

– caliper guide jamming

If the caliper guide is jammed, the pads cannot decompress and the disc is constantly under pressure. This can due to the pads wear. To detect the broken part, feel all the wheel disks with your hand after driving 1-2 km. It will be detected by the heated rim.

To avoid such problems with the braking system, you should regularly lubricate the calipers. Thanks to VMPAUTO you don’t have to worry about it: we offer several greases for the piston, caliper guides and pads. Don’t brake, lubricate the calipers!

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