New ceramic grease

Feb 17, 2021
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Cards on the table: soon we’ll be testing our new ceramic grease! Thanks to its special formula, ceramic grease “preserves” threatened joints, reduces the level of friction in moving units and parts, and effectively protects them from corrosion.

What makes it different from other greases, for example, from the copper one?

1. Ceramic grease does not create electrolytic corrosion. This corrosion type occurs when different metals come into contact with each other.
2. Protects the surface on temperatures up to 1500 °C.
3. One of its main features is thick consistency.
4. Chemically neutral: it can be used safely on galvanized and aluminum threaded joints.

Due to its special properties, ceramic grease is more suitable for application on rarely serviced car mechanisms than copper ones. It can be used for the exhaust system, brake system, spark plugs seats, and for all treaded joints in the high-temperature area. In addition, ceramic grease is used during the change of brake discs or wheels, sensor assembly affected by the aggressive environment.

Coming soon!

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