Ball bearing grease. Synthetic.

Mar 15, 2024
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Friends. Material sometimes appears on the blogs about how motorists supplement or completely replace steering knuckle grease, stabilizer struts or ball bearings.

The use of Blue grease in this assembly is acceptable, but it is better to use a specialized grease. (DriverE34I photo)

Typically, motorists use our Blue or Rubin grease as a substitute for the original grease to extend the life of the assembly.

Blue grease is based on lithium complex and stands out from other greases due to its resistance to high temperatures. The main purpose of the grease is to work in high-speed bearings under high temperature conditions.

The dropping point of this grease is 350 ºC. Its application is justified in bypass and tension rollers of timing belts or attachment belts. It has also proven itself in hub bearings.

Rubin grease based on lithium-calcium thickener is characterized by high water resistance. It is universal and performs equally well in roller bearings, cardan joints and other chassis components. For example, it provides significantly longer lubrication of kingpins in wet conditions than other greases.

The greases described above are acceptable for use in ball bearings, steering knuckles and stabilizer bars. However, we would like to remind you that we have developed a specialized grease for these components.

Assemblies where ball bearing grease is recommended.

Ball bearing grease on a synthetic base is designed to reduce friction moments in spherical joints of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, where the friction pair is steel-plastic.

In a ball bearing, as in steering knuckles and stabilizer bars, metal works in tandem with plastic. A specialized lubricant is required for this assembly.

The grease contains antioxidant and anticorrosive components. The special combination of synthetic base oils increases adhesion to metal and plastic surfaces, which reduces the torque and friction operating torques. In addition, the grease has a damping effect. It is particularly noteworthy that the grease is relatively neutral to rubbers and plastics. Consequently, it has virtually no effect on the rubber covers of these components.

Before applying ball bearing grease, the old grease that was previously filled with the assembly must be removed.

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