Answers to common questions about silicone lubricants and greases

Feb 22, 2024
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Friends! Despite the fact that VALERA Master Lubricant and VALERA Liquid Key have been on the market for a long time, many consumers often do not understand the difference between them and in what cases it is recommended to use these lubricants. Sometimes there are very interesting questions. Today we will answer some of them.

Questions about VALERA Liquid Key

Hello can I use it to remove stuck plugs? If not, what would work? What kind of product?

It is possible to use VALERA Liquid Key for this purpose. Its main difference from similar products is that in addition to high penetrating properties, it also has good lubricating properties. This reduces the probability of plug breakage in the process of unscrewing. It is recommended to unscrew stuck plugs with a T-shaped tool after the lubricant has penetrated into the threaded part. For this purpose, the composition should be kept in the place of contact between the plug and the block head for at least 30 minutes.

Please clarify, is it possible to lubricate car doors to prevent squeaking? Will it not corrode?

If we are talking about hinges, it is better to lubricate with Valera Master Grease. If it is about door stops, it is better to use graphite pencil grease. The compositions do not corrode the paint.

How good is it for car lock in frost – 30C degrees?
It is better to use Valera Master Lubricant for the car lock. It contains components that dissolve ice. In this connection it can be used as a defroster of locks and not only automobile locks.

Hello, can it be used on rims (auto) to remove rust? Or is it useless?

It is not possible to use Liquid Key as a rust remover. There is no rust converter in its composition. Besides, the greasy oil film will make it difficult to paint the disk afterwards.

Good day! Can you tell me, is the penetrating power (help in unscrewing stuck bolts) better in this Valera in red or in gray bottle (master-lubricant)? Interested primarily in the penetrating ability. Thank you in advance.

The best penetrating ability of the liquid key VALERA. It was developed primarily as a penetrating compound.

Is the grease silicone?
VALERA Liquid Key does not contain silicones in its composition. If you need silicone grease, we recommend you to pay attention to SILICOT spray grease.

Hello, if I buy 5 liters, where to put it?

VALERA Liquid Key 5 liters is produced to meet the needs of service stations and industries. It can be filled into a garden sprayer or any container with a trigger. In this case you can spray the product both jet and as an aerosol.

Hello, the other day I purchased Valera penetrating fluid, VMPAUTO 650ml, the nominal volume is listed as 500ml. Having weighed it repeatedly at room temperature, the weight was a maximum of 468 grams. After reading the questions, I realized that this misunderstanding is not only for me, but you as a manufacturer are avoiding a direct answer to a fairly simple question. The product is sold with a declared volume of 650ml, but in fact, together with the container, the total weight is 470, and some have 450ml. What is the total weight of a 650ml bottle of liquid?

A 650ml bottle can safely hold 500ml of contents as the propellant gas expands when heated. The nominal volume of 500 ml is just the volume of the total usable contents (gas + semi-product). The volume and mass of the gas are counted in the liquid phase. The density of the semi-product is about 900g/l, the density of the gas is about 600g/l, which is much less than the density of water, which is about 1000g – 1l. That is why the weight of the cylinder is less – 465-470 g together with the container.

Good afternoon! How does this Valera differ from the Valera in the gray bottle?

VALERA Liquid Key differs from VALERA Master Lubricant by its composition. The first one is made on mineral oil. It is primarily required to have good penetrating properties. VALERA Master Grease has synthetic oil in its composition, which provides it with good lubricating properties.

In addition, the composition includes a rust converter, which gives the grease a unique property. (Untreated and rusty bolt treated with VALERA Master Lubricant).

How does it interact with rubber?

Since Liquid Key is made with mineral oil, it has some activity towards rubber. In this regard, its abundant use near rubber parts is not recommended. For assemblies adjacent to rubber parts, it is better to use VALERA Master Lubricant.

Hello, can you please advise, the front door has started to squeak, can it be used? To prevent squeaking and lubricate.

For the hinges of entrance doors, we recommend using Valera Home multilubricant. This grease is practically odorless. It also does not contain a rust converter.

Good day will help to unscrew camber bolts boiled in silent block?

VALERA liquid key has good penetrating properties. It was created first of all to help in unscrewing sour bolts and lugs. In order for the composition to better penetrate into the oxidized parts, it is necessary to allow a certain period of time after applying the composition to the part. In particularly bad cases, the treatment of the node should be repeated and the holding time should be increased.

To prevent further seizing of the camber bolts, we recommend the use of ceramic grease for the silent blocks.

Will it not damage the paint on the car?

VALERA Liquid Key is neutral to most types of paintwork. However, taking into account the different state of paintwork of cars, it is not worth leaving it on the body surface for a long time. After application, it is better to remove the excess of the compound with a rag.

Questions about VALERA Master Lubricant

Can you tell me if the lubricant is suitable for the blades of an electric grass shear?

VALERA Master Lubricant can be used to lubricate the blades of your pruning shears. With its good lubricating properties, it will keep the blades sharp for a long time. It will also protect the blades from corrosion, which is important when working with plants.

Can it be used for brake caliper de-greasing. If it is sprayed through a tube under the dust cover?

As an emergency measure to return the piston to working condition, the use of VALERA Master Lubricant in this format is allowed. However, it is better to rebuild the caliper in the nearest future.

We recommend using our brake lubricants to ensure that this unit continues to operate smoothly in the future.

Composition – oil and kerosene for 500 rubles?

Unlike most lubricants of similar plan Master-lubricant VALERA contains a whole complex of components that allow it to be multitasking. In particular, it is favorably distinguished from competitors by a synthetic base, as well as a rust converter.

How do you lubricate plastic parts? Plastic bushings?
It is acceptable to use VALERA Master Grease for lubricating plastic gears. However, we recommend the use of SILICOT silicone grease in such assemblies.

SILICOT universal silicone grease is suitable for thousands of applications. It is colorless, odorless, environmentally friendly and durable. It has a very wide temperature range, good consistency and penetration.

Good evening, can you please advise for lubricating the sunroof in a car, will it work?
As an emergency measure it is suitable. However, we recommend using SILICOT silicone grease for full maintenance of this unit, as a significant part of the parts requiring lubrication are made of plastic.

Hi, is this grease conductive or does it short out the terminals? I want to spray it on to make better contact.
Valera Master Grease is dielectric. It will not improve contact. But it can increase the hydrophobicity of the contact group.

I use silicone lubricants for lubrication/blackening of tires to make the rubber last longer. Will Valera be suitable for this purpose? After all, there are some additives from rust?

We do not recommend using Valera Master Grease as a tire blackening agent. Rust conversion additives only work on metal parts.

For tire blackening, we have a specialized product that comes in both ready-to-use and concentrate form.

Hello. The grease in the black can (rust converter) can work as a penetrating grease (which is in the red can)?
VALERA Master Grease is universal. It can be used as a penetrating grease. As a replacement for liquid wrench is quite suitable. However, VALERA liquid key has better penetrating properties.

Hello, is this grease suitable for open steering knuckles, the aim is to increase the life of the knuckles, as they rust quickly due to constant exposure to water ( quad bike)?
We recommend using specialized greases for open steering lugs. VALERA Master Grease will provide short-term protection in this case.

Hi. Will it make the rubber squeak disappear if I apply it to the door seals on my car?
For rubber seals we have a specialized lubricant based on silicone – Silicot REZIN.

The product contains five times more silicone than any aerosol lubricant. A convenient sponge-shaped dispenser is integrated for easy application.

However, if you need to eliminate squeaking in an emergency and you do not have a specialized grease at hand, Valera Master Grease is quite suitable for this purpose. It is practically neutral to rubber, as it is synthetic-based.

Hello! Can it clean oil, dust and dirt from wheel rims?
Valera Master Lubricant is not suitable as a dirt cleaner. After its use, a greasy layer of grease appears, on which dust will adhere even more. This grease can be used as a tar remover.

Will it do the job of fixing a squeaky saddle block?
It will. However, please note that this will be a temporary solution. Silent blocks squeak either due to wear or improper installation. (Often masters pull the silent blocks on the suspended car, which is inadmissible, because in the future during operation in them stresses increase). It is recommended to contact a specialized service for repair or tightening check.

The pressure roller (bearing) started squeaking when hot. If I buy v. 2.0 and spray it on – how long will it last?
Undoubtedly, VALERA Master Grease will help to eliminate squeaking for some time. However, it should be borne in mind that the rollers use greases. For example, BLUE grease from our company. We advise you to disassemble the roller and change the grease in it. This will permanently eliminate its squeaking and prolong its operation.

Good evening, is it good for cleaning coins?
Valera Master Lubricant is not suitable for cleaning coins. We advise you to use specialized compositions for this purpose.

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