Engine treatment RESURS

Restoration technology without overhaul

Deep cleaning foam

Better than hydrogen engine cleaning

Pocket Greases

Straight to the point.
The new approach to grease application – greases in sticks!

Grease sticks: try them all!

Grease sticks: try them all!

Partners meeting-2021!

Partners meeting-2021!

There are many lubricants manufacturers.
What do we offer?

We do not rest on our laurels

Imagine that the largest lubricant manufacturers are elephants. Large, with a rich history, but at the same time, clumsy and slow. We are cheetahs – flexible and fast. To grow, we must be proactive. Therefore, we innovate faster than others and are more sensitive to
every client.

Private label production from 1000 pcs

Choose from existing formulations or create your own product from 4000 formulations. Just give us 2 months from formulation development to finished product! We are the few who offer unique packaging – customizable sachets.

Annually, we export to more than 50 countries

Products for auto enthusiasts under the RESURS brand have an international invention patent (US 7, 375,060 B2) and are exported to South Korea, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Vietnam, Spain, Romania, etc.

We always track the quality

We are annually certified according to international quality management standard ISO 9001.


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A team with super powers

We come to help our clients
at any time of the day or night.

Katerina Zabrodkina
Captain of Export Superhero Team

Superpower: summons the magic lightning and increases sales.

Strength: Spanish, Portuguese, English.

Elena Zhurba
Captain Logistics

Superpower: moves cargo from galaxy to galaxy.

Strength: French, English.

Sergey Tserne
Sales hero

Superpower: responds to customer requests at the speed of Mercury.

Strength: English, Romanian.